75 Million Baby Boomers are asking:
"When can I retire?" 
"Will I run out of money?"

Retirement QuantTM is a retirement simulation program unlike any other.  There are many retirement simulators available but none that do all this:

  • Test retirement strategies that adjust to economic conditions,

  • Come with 13 pre-defined asset classes, including emerging markets, and commodities (NEW),

  • Model up to 16 of your specific investments and automatically retrieve historical statistics (NEW),

  • Show the correlations between asset classes and your investments (NEW),

  • Compare your strategy with those of others,

  • Analyze the effect of different asset allocations,

  • Show you the income level you can afford in retirement,  

  • Demonstrate the effect of different retirement ages on your financial future,

  • Examine how sensitive your retirement is to market returns,

  • Determine how much of a legacy (estate) you will leave,

  • Explore the scenarios where your strategy might fail and compares them to historical periods (NEW),

  • Display results in 16 graphs providing deeper insight into the data (NEW).

In addition, you will be able to look at the results in greater detail than other simulators.  View the median present value and standard deviation (NEW) of withdrawals during retirement.  See your final and total retirement income at a 95% confidence level.  Get insight into your risk by seeing your age at the earliest simulation failure.

Retirement Quant is for individual investors or financial planners who want to see and experiment with various strategies and options, tweak  the numbers, and understand in detail the output of a retirement simulation. 

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