During the 
2002 Dartmouth Invitational   
   we heard you loud and clear

The DARTAQ Swim Shop was a remnant of the website that played a role in helping to get our Dartmouth Swim/Dive reinstated after the administration cancelled it right before 2002 Thanksgiving vacation.  As per Coach’s request, it is now closed.  Go Green.



From: "James F. Holder" <James.F.Holder@dartmouth.edu>

Subject: Re: DartAq Swim Shop

Date: August 19, 2016 at 10:53:34 AM EDT

To: Sheila Brown Klinger




Thanks for your email and the link. Sorry I had to end our conversation so quickly. I have done some asking around and no one on staff here is even aware of this website. We'd appreciate it if you could retire the site as soon as possible since no one here will be supporting these orders on our end.


Thanks and all the best.