I have been doing research for the last decade on retirement strategies and team building.  The result of the research has been published papers and presentations at conferences.  Now, you can put this leading-edge research to work for you. 

In order to completely research the various strategies of retirement financials, I decided to write some software that would easily simulate the effects on my own retirement portfolio and shared this software with friends and family.  Before the first article was published in the Journal of Financial Planning, I accepted a position at a firm that required that I not pursue this activity outside of the company, so when the questions arose, "Is there software and how can we get a copy?",  I had to ignore it.  I am no longer required to be "invisible", and can now make the software, Retirement Quant TM, available to all.

I formed B-K-Ind LLC in 2007 to continue the development and marketing of unique software and services.  We are committed to delivering you leading edge software.

 - Bill Klinger  



  Retirement Quant