William Klinger

  • Email: w<last name> at raritanval dot edu
  • Office: H313   Office hours
  • Phone: (908) 526-1200    ext. 8943



Courses Taught
• Introduction to Business
• Principles of Management
• Principles of Finance
• Personal Finance
• Business Simulation Seminar
• Financial Survival Guide to Retirement
• Data Structures

• Retirement withdrawal rates and decision rules. 
Retirement Quant™.
• SHEILA - The Shared Experience Interactive Laboratory
Collaborations Exercises™.

Papers & Presentations
• Guardrails to Prevent Potential Retirement Portfolio Failure", Journal of Financial Planning, October 2016
• Retirement Across the Generations - NJ Coalition for Financial Education 10/15/15
PBS TV - Caucus: New Jersey, Tackling Your Finances, October 4, 2014.
"In Search of the 'Best' Retirement Strategy", Journal of Financial Service Professionals, January 2011.
• "Creating Safe, Aggressive Retirement Income Profiles", Journal of Financial Planning, May 2010.
• "Using Decision Rules to Create Retirement Withdrawal Profiles", Journal of Financial Planning, August 2007.
• "Decision Rules and Maximum Initial Withdrawal Rates", Journal of
Financial Planning
, March 2006.
• "Stanislavski and Computer Science", ACM Inroads, December 2005.
• An Internet-based Tool for Collaboration Exercises and Research - League Conference on Information Technology, Dallas, TX 10/24/05
• An Internet Tool for Collaboration Exercises - NJ Faculty Best Practices Showcase 3/18/05

• 25 years directing large software development projects at major corporations
Bell Labs, AT&T, UNIX System Laboratories,
   Novell, Santa Cruz Operation, Lucent
-  UNIX operating system development
-  Optical networking systems development


Managed all aspects of development life-cycle
-  Business planning, product management
-  Systems analysis, architecture, design
-  Implementation, system testing, customer support
-  Headed UNIX Press business unit
• Management recognized in Wall Street Journal article
• Research referenced in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal
• Earned patent for design of digital switching system
• Resume and the rest of the story

• MBA University of Chicago    Finance, Marketing
Honors thesis: Techniques and Structures for the Production of Accounting Information Systems
• MBA K.U. Leuven, Belgium    International Business, Finance
• MS University of Wisconsin - Madison   Computer Science
• BS        University of Wisconsin - Madison   Mathematics